07 Jan, 2005

Phil Ivey Interview on Card Player

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Recently Phil had an interview in Card Player in which he reveals several things like his former identity as Jerome Graham, what he does to prepare himself to be the most feared player in poker, and why he has taken time off from the tournament circuit. The article is truly interesting and highly entertaining.

"CD: Is it easier for you to think that way because youíve made so much money?

PI: I did that when I didnít have any money. Iíve played in games where I needed to win. Iíd leave myself with something in case of disaster. Iíve always put myself in the situation where it hurts a little bit if I lose. It wouldnít be fun for me to play lower limits now. It wouldnít sting. Thatís why I took time off from tournaments, because I was playing so badly. Iíd see side games at the tournaments where they were playing $4,000-$8,000, and first place would be $600,000 in the tournament. Iíd dump off my chips. Thatís why I wonít play now unless I try my hardest. I made my mind up right before I went to Turning Stone. I told my wife that I wasnít going to be traveling to play tournaments unless I put all of my attention into it. Itís just a waste of money otherwise. From now on, there are no excuses, because Iím trying my hardest."

Read the whole article here: http://cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/archives/showarticle.php?a_id=14359

06 Jan, 2005

Phil Taking Time Off from Tournament Play

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Phil has been taking some time off from the tour; so, there has been a bit of an off period for Phil Ivey news. We'll have more news as we find it.